Tucker's Gap at FIddler's GroveJohn Bell Tarver donated the rights-of-way on his farm for the railroad and also the land on which the depot was built in c-1870.

Mr. Tarver was the Postmaster at the Post Office, which was located inside the depot, until his death in 1906.  Nannie Tarver, daughter of John Bell Tarver, brought eggs, dairy products, vegetables and cut flowers from the farm to sell at the station.

A legendary tale about Nannie Tarver; upon hearing the train whistle at the “cut”; the hill was cut into halves for a flat track; she would change into her “good clothes” and run to meet the train when it reached the depot.

In 1909, the railroad first placed the Nashville to Lebanon Stage Coach Line, and finally the last section of the original stage coach line from Watertown to Smithville.

The Tuckers Gap Depot was bought at auction in 2005 and moved to Fiddlers Grove.