Thompson Patlow Cabin at Fiddler's GroveThe historic log cabin and smokehouse were relocated from the Century Farm of Walter Partlow and Lucy Logue Thompson Partlow.  They are descendants of pioneers that came to Wilson County in a covered wagon.  This is probably the original cabin that was the Partlow’s first home in Wilson County.

Many of the items in the cabin were donated by the Thompson family; the rocking chair, table, lamps and other items.  We also have on loan from the family, the four wood staves used on the frame of the covered wagon the family traveled in, which is very rare they have survived.

The smokehouse was used to store the family meat and dried foods such as vegetables and herbs.

The cabin was donated for the specific purpose for a Century Farm Museum.  The museum contains information on all the Century Farms in Wilson County.

The cabin and smokehouse were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson and family in 2002.