Tates Crossing at Fiddler's Grove
This Train Flag Station was in use at Tates Crossing near Mt. Juliet, Tennessee from 1870 until 1935.  During this 65 years it was owned by two different railroads, The Tennessee and Pacific Railroad and the Nashville Chattanooga and St. Louis Railroad.

In 1992, Dean Robinson gave the Tates Crossing Flag Station to the West Wilson Historical Society.  The Flag Station was restored by N. C. Hibbett, Thebart, Evelyn and Jimmy Powell.  This took a total of 417 hours of labor.  It is the only known station still in existence in the Middle Tennessee area.

This Flag Station was closed down because a new railroad was built right beside it that went a farther distance.  The old railroad was removed and is now a street called Division Street or Old Railroad Bed Road.

The West Wilson Historical Society donated the Flag Station to Fiddlers Grove in 1998.