Stringtown General Store & Backporch Stage at Fiddler's GroveMr. Asa John Rogers built the store in 1872 in the Stringtown Community on Leeville Road.  The store served as a Post Office until 1904, at which time rural mail carriers delivered the mail.  In a separate room on the back of the store, Mr. Rogers made string and twine from hemp.

The store was stocked with many household items ranging from stovepipes to flavoring and bolts of material stacked along the wall. Kerosene was sold for oil lamps and other uses.  The popular area was the long candy showcase where penny candy was sold or given to the young children.  The country store was also the first fast food restaurants; you could stop in anytime and get a sandwich made in the store or buy slices of cheese and crackers or cans of sardines for a quick meal.

The store claimed other owners; the Hargiss Family, the Gibson Family being the last family to operate the store.  The store is furnished with many of the original items, in addition to items donated by the Cracker Barrel and individuals.  Several businesses volunteered items for the relocation and reconstruction cost to move the store to Fiddlers Grove in 1992.

Building donated by the Gibson Family.