Pete Smith opened his original store August 1, 1927, when cokes were a nickel a bottle, a gallon of gas cost 14Pete Smith Store / Middle Tennessee Electric Museumcents plus 6 cents tax and T.O. “Pete” Smith drove a Model T Ford pickup when he went into business at Doak’s Cross Roads.  He opened the store in 1927 and in 1929 the Great Depression came and nobody had any money.  He said “nobody had any money, people didn’t live much, they just got by.”  The small general store supplied the community with groceries and gas and was a gathering place for checker games and rook.

Because of road improvements to Cainsville Road, Pete’s Store was moved directly across the road in 1959.  In 1980, he sold the store to George Spain.  Pete retired after running the store for 52 years.

Pete Smith’s Store was relocated to Fiddlers Grove on July 15, 2005.

Middle Tennessee Electric displays early electric appliances and early history of electricity in Wilson County.