The McFarland Infirmary was established in 1914 by Dr. Sam Walker McFarland, President of a ProfessionalMcFarland HospitalCorporation for treatment of Medical and Surgical cases and train nurses.

In 1919, Dr. Sam W. McFarland purchased a lot at Park Avenue and East Spring Street and built a hospital consisting of an operating room, dining room, kitchen and ten patient rooms.  Dr. J. R. Bone assisted Dr. Sam and also other doctors regularly used the hospital, including Dr. James Jerry McFarland, brother of Dr. Sam McFarland.

Lebanon lost its only surgeon at the untimely death of Dr. Sam McFarland in 1920, suffering from a stroke.

In 1932, Dr. Sam Bradshaw McFarland, a fourth generation of doctors, began his practice.

The first addition to the hospital was made in 1938, adding a new surgery and x-ray rooms plus eight additional patient rooms.  The hospital experienced rapid growth through the 1960′ and new additions increased to 74 patient rooms.

Furnishings donated by Jerry McFarland, building donated by UMC in 2005.