Dr. Fisher was born in 1879.  He graduated in 1907 from the University of Nashville Medical School.  It was theDr. Fisher's Officesame year he married Vinnie Reynolds and established his practice in this Apothecary Office in the Rome community.  The office still contains many items he used, including medical books, drug bottles, dental equipment, diary, scales, etc.  His practice was primarily house calls, which encompassed all the surroundings counties.  He traveled many miles on poor roads on horseback or buggy and later when the roads were improved, he switched to a T Model Ford.  He was called “Doc” by his friends and patients; many who probably never knew his name. He was noted for his own bookkeeping method of writing the patients name on the office wall and when they paid him, he would simply mark their name off.  There were many names that were not marked off.  It is believed he holds the record for delivering babies during the 44 years of practice.  His last call was to deliver a baby, and at that time he was hospitalized at McFarland Hospital.  He got out of the hospital and delivered the baby and returned to the hospital where he died the following week at the age of 72 on August 10, 1951.

The building was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gibbs in 1992. The buggy was donated by his friend, Dr. Sidney Berry.