The general country store built in 1945 by Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dedman on Trousdale Ferry Pike, served as aDedman's Storelandmark in the Tuckers Cross Roads community and Swindell Hollow Road.

It was a one stop store in many ways; during WWII he sold hard to find rationed items such as kerosene, gasoline, oil, sugar, coffee, etc.

Mr. Roy provided baby chickens in the spring along with chicken feed, vegetable plants and seeds for the community.  He also sold hay and other feed and bartered and traded with farmers for trapped furs and black walnuts, which he sold in Nashville.

Mr. Dedman repaired flat tires on cars and bicycles and reserved a spot in the back of the store for his barber chair where he cut hair.

In the 1950’s, he had the first TV in the community and on Saturday nights, the neighbors in the community came to watch wrestling on TV.

Dedman’s Store is now the home of Johnson’s Dairy Museum.

Mr. and Mrs Roy Dedman’s family donated the store in 1991.