Lebanon’s first gasoline station, Peoples Service Station, was opened November 10, 1920 on North Cumberland Peoples Service StationStreet in Lebanon.  Will C. Clay was the manager.  In 1923, the company went broke and W. C. Clay bought the lot; then James R. Jetton and W. C. Clay bought the station and became partners with W. C. Clay, Manager.  In 1932, Pure Oil Company became the new owner.  The next exchange occurred in 1938, Pure Oil sold to W. C. Clay, at which time the station name was changed to W. C. Clay Oil Company and eventually Clay’s Service Station.  At his retirement in 1956, Pure Oil Company regained ownership.  It changed owners many times before it closed.

This replica of Clay’s Service Station was built in 2002.  It is furnished with memorabilia and artifacts donated by the family of Eddie Smith Clay and Mid. Tn. Reg. Antique Auto Club of America.